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Image: Shine on and be who you are
Image: Shine on and be who you are

Welcome to the Official BeWytch Me Radio Blog

BeWytch Me Radio ( has been online since 2009 after a friend pushed me to created the station. I absolutely love this site because it allows me creative freedom and to meet many awesome people from around the globe. So many great musicians have also stayed in contact and they are truly awesome.

Why a blog? Don’t you already have a blog?

Well the short answer is that I love music and decided this would be a great way to talk about the musicians out there working their butts off to succeed. I do have a blog site ( but that blog is pretty much not about music but rather world news and my own life experiences. If you want to check it out, by all means go right ahead.

Will this blog be only about mainstream musicians who have already made it or will you write about non-established bands?

All music, all levels of musicians and all honest reviews. After working for years in the music industry as artist, artist management, tour management and glorified babysitter, I have a taste for all genres of music which is why you will hear everything and anything on my station.

I believe that non-established bands need to have a creative space and recognition for the hard work they create and for the fans who follow them. I will be doing reviews of musicians from around the globe and all levels of musicianship. New rock band doing covers? Hey that’s fine too.

So how do we get our stuff reviewed by you and played on your station?

Simply contact me and I will be more than glad to listen to your tunes and, perhaps, get them played on the station a long with a review of your band. If you have any of the following that will help:

  • Soundcloud
  • Reverbnation
  • YouTube
  • Band website
  • Social media contact

Well that’s it for now but please do stop and tune in to the station if you get a chance to hear what you want to hear when you want to hear it.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog.


Wanda Probe


Wasteland Rocks

Image: YouTube - Wasteland Rocks channel
Image: YouTube – Wasteland Rocks channel

Wasteland Rocks – Norway

m/ #FemaleFronted #HeavyMetal band \m/ from #Norway

More than 400.000 plays @SoundCloud

#metal #hornsup


This band, Wasteland Rocks, first came to me via Twitter. I have to say I truly love this cover band. Nothing like a metal band with a female front vocalist who can take away any femininity hard core rockers might disagree with.

YouTube Channel for Wasteland Rocks:

One of my favorites is Ozzy Osbourne’s, Mr.Crowley:

If you love heavy metal, you will love this band from Norway. Spectacular band. Check them out!

Music makes the world go ’round

Image rights go to the creator and not this site. Great graphic though.
Image rights go to the creator and not this site. Great graphic though.

Music makes the world go ’round

Ever noticed that almost any situation can be connected to music? Just think about elections, for instance, which have a theme song of strength and a hope to make a connection with the voter? Now, some of the tunes used for elections are firmly against the band’s choice and often are removed but not before they are once again associated with a new memory our brain will bury until something brings it to the surface once again.

Music can remind you of a good or bad time in your life. Just think of that special moment like a bride’s first dance with her husband and last with her dad, as his daughter. Happy birthday is another good song. Everyone knows it and everyone’s heard it a million times. Did you know it only recently became legal for you to sing that song without paying any royalties?

Remember that first date or the time your relationship ended and a song said the words your heart was longing to say?

Songs connect us in many different ways and good songs will last forever. Happy birthday is a great case in point.

Enjoy the beat of life and dance when you can. Thanks for reading this blog.


Wanda Probe